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Friday, June 1, 2007

Office Secretary

Hello Guys Binu Here. With the response I got from last three stories of mine I am flattered. One person has asked me to write this for him. Well its his fantasy about his sister. Ya you heard me right his own sister. Well he is a sales executive and she is a teacher. Well he gave me an idea for the story. I am putting my words.
Before joining into a school she was working under Abhi. Abhi is the CEO of a Marketing Firm. This happened about two years back. She had joined in the firm as a personal assistant to Abhi. She was at the front desk and would manage all works. Slowly she had blend in and Abhi could not live without her. Actually he could think of work without her. She used to mange everything. Abhi is such a forgetful guy would even forget lunch if not reminded to. Oops I myself forgot to tell you guys her name. She is Aarti. Well she was also the final discussion point during all the sales meetings. She had an amazing structure. Her boobs were so big that everyone wondered if they were real or if she was wearing some sort of extra paddings. Some times her boobs felt limp. She also had a most wonderful and big ass. All the sales executives had an instant hard on as soon as they brushed against her in the lift or in the corridors.
Abhi had a close friend named Jeethu. Though he was Abhi’s junior, and head of the sales division, both of them were very close. Many times both of them just sat together and would spend weekends together. During office hours when they had no particular official work, they would watch aarti on the video through the CCTV.
But soon she got a job as a teacher in a government school. So she did not want leave the opportunity and hence gave her resignation. But Abhi asked her to stay another two months so that he could fid a new PA and so she could teach her also. Since her appointment was due only in three months she agreed. Soon she was asked to pay Rs 2.00 lacs by the school authorities as “DONATION” which infact was a bribe. When she asked Abhi about it he said he would think.
Abhi waited until the other guys had finally gone before putting on his well practiced smile as he stopped at the reception desk himself.
"You're leaving us, Aarti, and after being here only two weeks. That will be a problem. And the money well I will try to get it for you. But then it will be difficult for you pay back."
She gave him a cheerful smile in return from a generous mouth in a well tanned face. She wore her hair in a long pony tail style that made her appearance a lot younger than her real age, which was perhaps a little less than thirty. To Abhi she always looked as if she'd come off the set of an old Hindi Raj Kapoor movie, and the thought of peeling her out of a one-piece swimming costume was one of the constant themes in his most intense fantasies about her.
"That's right. I'm sorry to be going but I'm leaving the city altogether."
"Yeah, I heard that as well".
"I guess the boss would have liked to say goodbye but he had to go to that big meeting today."
"Sure, I understand."
He could hardly drag his eyes up from the crisp white shirt she was wearing where the lacy top of her bra cups were visible through the thin material. They strained against her row of shirt buttons like virgin Himalaya peaks ready to break out in a uncontrollable avalanche as soon as things warmed up enough.
Abhi restrained an urge to groan and instead reached into his shirt pocket. He moved to the right and carefully spread a bundle of Rs 1000 note on top of the marble counter. Exactly as he'd expected, her eyes watched him with surprise as he laid the money down. Everything he'd planned depended on keeping her looking towards him.
"Listen, Aarti, since this is what you want and all, and things are pretty quiet around here just now, I was wondering if you'd like to do me a favor. A big favor. . ." He grinned, "A couple of real big favors, to tell the truth."
Aarti well knew the effect she had on men, even ones like Abhi that were years younger than her. In fact, especially on men younger than herself. Ever since she'd been at the office she'd been expecting an offer like this. It was a disappointing one though - she'd credited Abhi with more class than just laying down a money in front of her.
"No, no, don't get the wrong idea here, Aarti. What I'm talking about is helping me to motivate the guys in the team. I need something really special to get them to work their butts off next week. OK, I know you won't be here but you could leave something behind that would surely do the job."
"What are you talking about?"
"It's a simple deal and if you'll agree you can take this cash with you as a separation bonus. What I'd like you to do is to go into the meeting room and lock the door behind you. Down at the other end of the room is a video camera on a stand that's hooked up to a TV monitor. Go in there and put the video recorder under the monitor in record mode."
Aarti was as puzzled as before: "And then what?"
"OK, I'll tell you the truth. There's been a lot of arguments among the guys about whether or not you've got some padding tucked away in your bra cups to make your figure look so sensational. Now, myself, I just can't believe that anything that moves that well can be anything but the real thing. But two other guys on the sales team say I've got to be wrong. Philip Mathew is with me though - remember when you squeezed past him in the corridor the other day? He swears he could feel that you're a genuine Pamela Anderson. So what I'm saying is that if I could offer the guy with the best sales figures next week a tape of you settling the argument for certain it would be a real incentive."
The receptionist tried to frown, then found she was smiling. This wasn't the most unusual request she'd ever had, but it was close to it, and very flattering. Were all these young studs really so fascinated by her figure?
"And how am I supposed to do that?" She was still smiling, though shaking her head against the implied suggestion.
"That's easy to work out, isn't it? Just strip off your shirt and bra for one minute and show the camera what's really there. That's all I'm asking you to do."
She tried to look shocked: "Are you serious?"
"Of course I am. I can't get the guys to talk about their sales problems now. All they want to do is to keep asking each other if they've seen the way you bounce around at every step. It's like a bunch of Alaskan trappers sitting around swapping yarns about Big Foot. Well, I'm not interested in legends, I want to see the real proof on a video tape so there's nothing more to argue about. And when the guys know what I've got on the tape they'll be killing each other to watch the action. So how about it?"
"You want me to go in there and take my clothes off in front of the camera? Is that what you're asking me to do?" She looked at him with wide open eyes, then down at her front as if just noticing all the weight she was carrying around.
She wasn't refusing, she was just asking for some more sales work from him before finally agreeing. Every instinct was telling him he had a deal if he just kept working at it.
"Only the top half of your clothes, Aarti. Just so we can scan our eyes over the broad acres and marvel at nature's bounty. Honestly, we'll all watch it in a quiet and respectful way, I promise you. I certainly will."
She shook her head in amused reproof: "I just bet you will. And when will that be?"
"You can keep the tape until you finish work. But I can guarantee that two minutes afterwards I'll be in that meeting room watching it. After all I deserve a little sneak preview before I pay you, don't I?"
The woman felt now that she could see what was developing. All this talk about the tape was just a ploy to break the ice, to make her more agreeable to something else after work. Well, Aarti had had a few thoughts about Abhi Shapiro herself. He was tall and well built, a sharp dresser and a smart guy obviously making a lot of money. And she wasn't all that excited about going back to her parent's home anyway, especially dragging Junior along with her.
OK, so it was true that Abhi was younger than her, but maybe that could be worked around. If he was trying to say she might play an important role in his life, she ought to consider it. But she mustn't make herself look to cheap or eager. On the other hand, give him a real good show and he'd be screaming for a date. Turn him down flat and nothing would happen, and nothing was something she'd already got plenty of right now.
"If I were to do it, the door would stay locked the whole time."
"No problem at all, no problem at all. You can lock it yourself and know it's secure."
"How do I know that TV in there isn't connected up to another one around here? I might be giving a show to everybody in the building."
"Why would I do anything for the rest of the building? And you know there's only one TV set in these offices. Check the cable, you'll see there's only the one that connects the camera to the recorder and the monitor - everything's above board, Aarti, I swear it."
"Abhi, I don't know about this. . ."
"We're the only ones here right now, the door will be locked and you'll be picking up some useful cash. What's more you'll be helping me out in a big way. Look, here's another forty bucks. Stand up right now and walk into that sales room and I'll give you this forty as a down payment. Come on, Aarti, for me, please?"
She giggled, holding her hands up in front of her face as if too embarrassed to let him see it. He rolled up the a bundle of the Money, leaned forward and carefully slipped it into the top of her shirt: "Please . . ."
She made it seem she was giving in to his pleadings, not to the money: "OK, alright, just for you, just this once. But only as a favor to you."
Abhi couldn't believe it, couldn't believe he'd sold her so easily. He fought to hide his triumph. "Great, great. Now go in there and slay them, kid. Break a leg!"
Smiling ruefully, Aarti came out from behind the reception desk. Matching her shirt was a black short skirt slit at the back halfway up her shapely thighs. Abhi led the way to the meeting room and held the door open for her.
"I appreciate this, Aarti, I really do."
She stopped at the doorway: "But who's going to answer the phone and deal with any visitors?"
"I will, of course. In you go. Oh, and there's a tube of body cream on the table as well." He lifted up his hands and made circular motions with them in front of his chest. "I thought maybe you'd like to rub some of it around a little, just to have something to do. And to make the show a little more interesting."
Aarti couldn't help being amused at his nerve: "I'll have to think about that." With a last faint smile still on her lips she finally stepped inside the meeting room and shut the door.
Listening carefully, Abhi heard the lock on the other side click shut. Taking a deep breath he wiped his damp palms and headed back to the reception desk, opened the main door and called down the corridor: "Guys!"

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